Sunday, 16 November 2014

When sleep won't come.

I can't sleep.
I've not slept during the night for the last week.
I'm very tired and would love to sleep.
But I simply can't sleep.

I'm well used to insomnia and I doubt there's a sleep inducing self remedy I've not tried. However all I can do is be patient and put up with it because I know it's only temporary. OK it might be another few days, another week, even a month before I finally start sleeping but eventually it will happen.

In the meantime there's books - the Kindle app for android has become my BFF, cutting out the frustrations of trying to keep my torch steady or needing to be wound up every few minutes, both feats that should be part of the Olympic games! Many of the books in my Kindle library are free but I do buy the occasional good read (hooray for samples that determine whether I'll enjoy it or not) and usually for no more than the price of a charity shop hard copy, dog eared book.

There's also the android apps that do a great job of helping time to pass. I'm not really a game person, I've tried Angry Birds etc but soon got bored. Ditto the match three type of games. On my tablet you'll find 'arty' apps like Kids Doodle, Oil Painter, and colouring 'books'. I've used some to make the artwork on this blog. None of them have cost me a penny. How brill is that!! I'm a buggar for getting apps, using them for a while, becoming bored and uninstalling them. I'm a Gemini so what do you expect!? Lol. But because I'm always doing this I find its important to have a decent cleaner installed, one that cleans out the left over files that some apps leave behind. At the moment I'm using SD Maid which I'm finding effective and easy to use.

Well, having shared all this with you I'm still awake but rather droopy eyed so maybe if I turn off and snuggle down I might get lucky. Wish me luck.

Night night. XXX

                      The Apps on my tablet that have creative fun with

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