Friday, 7 November 2014

In resus. August 2014

I faced death and death faced me, neither of us knew what was to be.
Death looked on while I fought the battle; waited for my breath to rattle.
Seeming to smile he held his scythe, was his pleasure to watch me writhe?
Did he enjoy to see me fight, had he no sympathy for my plight?
Then out of the grey and swirling mist, a calming hand grabbed my wrist.
Pulled me up, held me tight, whispered "not your time, my dear, not tonight".
Suddenly aware of needles and stings, stickers and wires and all sort of things,
Surrounded by angels in human disguise, determined to see that nobody dies.
These wingless beings with human features! These wonderful, trained, caring creatures!
Out of the corner of my frightened eye, I saw death give a gentle sigh,
Then with a slow firm nod of his bony head, " I'll meet you later " his essence said.
Away he faded through the flimsy veil, taking with him his coffin nail.

So I faced death and death faced me, but due to those angels he let me free

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