Thursday, 13 November 2014

The best company

Let me introduce my two dogs,  Zaffi and  Lulu.  Zaffi (the mop top) has been with us for some years now, I've lost count tbh,  whereas Lulu (black and tan J.R) is relatively a newcomer of just  3 years.  They both live in the home I share with my husband in Devon,  so  I see them every three weeks for  three weeks.  Such wonderful companions, they really are.  I know my husband would be very lost without them and  I certainly would!  There's nothing nicer than the cuddles a dog can give,  so warm and cosy. 
In time I'll relate little tales of these two, plus the two cats Tumtum and Rastus.  For sure they all get up to mischief and make sure we're often amused by their actions.  ��

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