Friday, 21 November 2014

Go forth and create

Facing the prospect of yet another day in bed I needed something to do. It's really easy for me to find something to do actually, but not so easy to find something that I can manage to cope with doing. Crochet is off the agenda until the shoulder is completely well, I tried it the other week and didn't even manage the smallest scrumble before the red hot knife trying to pry off my scapula put paid to that.*
Today I really fancied getting out the art stuff, that box of water color paints and tools that my son got me last Yule has been begging to be used but I'm not able to sit upright enough yet to paint.  Using color pencils is difficult too for the very same reason, in fact until my lower spine /coccyx eases up, there's some problems to get around.
Not all is lost! I have a tablet! Not the kind that you gulp down either, goddess knows I've plenty of them, but a 7 inch beauty of a beast. A Nexus 7 2013. I know there's better and bigger ones out there but this suits me and now I've got used to it - only taken me 5 months - there's not much I can't do on it. It's on this life saver that my aforementioned problems are overcome.
So coming up is some art work I went forth and created today....

* I'm speaking metorphorically here, it's exactly what it feels like. So don't go thinking there's something incredibly brutal going on in this abode. 

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