Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Brain has a mind of its own

I've not been up to writing much these last few days, that lack of sleep really playing havoc with me being far too exhausted to think properly.  Reading has been bad enough with my brain adding words that aren't there, mixing up what is there, not to mention not grasping what sentences mean. Basically it's as if my brain has a mind of its own.
"Exercise for your age." Became "excuses for your age", the TV programme wording declared "the following events are based on eyelashes accounts" until I looked again and saw "eyewitness accounts", amongst the description for the car's gadgets I was amazed it had " climax control ", I sat a few moments longer than I care to admit trying to work that one out before I saw what it really said was climate control!  {Embarrassed giggle}
No, really, best I refrained from writing until brain was awake.
Stinky stuff now...
It's coming up to that time of year when perfume ads become even more lavish and regular on TV. The companies must spend a ridiculous amount of profit getting these ads made and running, so I guess their sales do increase as some lucky women get a bottle or two of amber liquid under their Xmas trees. (Although I know I've seen purple in a bottle, amber still seems to be the usual thing.) In the hope that one or two or a few of those bottles would end up under my tree, I'd leave notes around the house. "Ysatis by Givenchy, please x" and hope they'd get picked up and pocketed. I can't think of anything nicer than an elegantly wrapped bottle of perfume, tied with a bow, that makes me feel feminine and special.
So I'm asking, if he's not given the heads up, what helps a man choose the scent he does for his female recipient? Does he go browsing Boots and  Debenhams,* sniffing all the various bottles until he finds one that reminds him of her?  Maybe he goes for the one with prettiest /sexiest bottle? What about the celebrity perfumes, perhaps he fancies she would like to smell like Britney Spears, or Jordan or whoever else he fantasies? Some men take the trouble to try and find out by asking her female rellies and mates, or sneakily look through her drawers to find what she already wears. I'm sure they must?
But at the end of the day, I would think that most women love whatever bottle of perfume their men give to them, after all it shows he's taken the time and trouble -and perhaps even overcome embarrassment - just for her.
Now if you're someone looking for perfume ideas or would like to discover whether there's a different, cheaper version of the scent you love, I'll suggest you take a stroll over to I SCENT YOU A DAY  you'll find all kinds of help in the form of reviews, questions answered, and so on. It's a lovely and friendly site.

* ( or maybe Superdrug and the big supermarkets? Hopefully not the charity shop!)

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