Saturday, 8 November 2014

To my friend, and companion.

"Some relationships go beyond the usual normal best friends or lovers and everything in between the two.  The blessed ones amongst us find their soul twin, aka twin flame. The one true friend, of either sex, who knows what we're thinking, who can finish our sentences, who experiences our pain sometimes literally. They're the ones we can look directly into their eyes, revealing our naked soul and not feel a moment of shame or embarrassment.  
Soul twins stay together even when apart. They have no worries of losing each other, for they've been together centuries.
The love between them is unlike any other, it's simply 'there' they don't have to declare it. They possess an ease and  comfort with each other it's as if they share the same skin.
There's only one soul twin, and to meet is so special. Many walk the earth and ether never finding each other.
Your soul twin completes you makes your soul, your essence whole.

But my dear,  being twin flames,  soul twins, isn't of the romantic issue.  It's much more than that.  Each soul is created in two parts which split,is my belief.  I see human twins as souls that split but didn't part so are born to same mother.  The other souls go their seperate way, being born to different mothers if born at all. Some never meet again,  the lucky ones do.
 When they do meet and join together it isn't necessary that the pairing is romantic or sexual, not at all, many become the strongest friends with a bond so firm they are like siblings.  To my mind this way of pairing twin flames is perfect,  there is enough emotion in the twins coming together as it is without adding romantic emotion to it.  To have your twin flame as your closest bested friend is to be blessed indeed.  It is in this way you are my twin flame,  the half soul that went that way while I went this way.  That we met again must surely be celebrated as our reward and high point of this life. No matter how many people are in our lives, having you is the most precious gift ever. Remember my words. "

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