Monday, 13 April 2015

The one where I'm back

Hello again, I'm back from sampling the delights of the farmers markets in Kauai, from relaxing under the shade of gently dancing palm trees while digging my bunions into the hot white sands and sipping fruit concoctions that cool and soothe my dry throat.
Like hell I have!! In my dreams, yes. Actually no cos my dreams entail running from knife/gun wielding maniacs or saving camels from rivers. Let's not get into that eh!
Start again... I'm back from nowhere. In the couple months of silence on here I've simply moved back home to Devon from 'that-place' in Cornwall. Don't get me wrong 'that-place' is a nice enough area, but while I was there I was so unhappy and ill, now I'm home I'm happy and ill. Makes a difference it does. I'm back with my husband, my dogs, my garden, in the area I love the best, closer to my sons homes, among the friendliest people, with good medical assistance.
Not any Hawaii, Kauai, or any other glorious isle could make my smile broader at this point in time.

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