Saturday, 18 April 2015

P's Crackle glazed balls

In the evening when the sun has dropped out of sight and darkness has found each corner of the bedroom, P's (Mr Debz) crackle glazed balls entrance me. I love watching them put on their ceiling show as they change colour and pattern. The green presents like a wild fantasy forest, really vibrant and inviting. Then comes red causing the forest to glow with flame until the blue casts it's soothing cooling over. The other ball has purple too but that's faint and not very remarkable, sorry purple you should get your act together!
 Thank you P for giving me this calming, soothing amusement. Such a brilliant idea to buy those solar crackle glazed ball lights, charging them during the day on the window ledge and putting them on the bedroom shelf at night.

Not what you thought is it? {Cackles evilly} 😁

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