Friday, 17 April 2015

Pssst. Are you awake?

I'm not giving out prizes for guessing that yours truly cannot sleep tonight/ this morning. I'm tired, indeed I am, but I'm in the throes of various muscle spasms and nerve twitches and pins and needles all over and and and... Enough. You know I've got fibro, or you should by now if you've bothered to read any of this blog.
I reckon all five of you must think I'm the most boring, depressing old crone you've ever read about. Moaning and groaning and moaning again. "Put a cork in it" I mentally see you saying. (A cork would have come in handy today, yesterday rather, as my IBS sought to help me exercise  by unblocking the pipes. I doubt a colonic irrigation in some fancy clinic could have done a better job, a bit shorter in duration but not as thorough as Dr Fartypants IBS. Oh and BTW those puppies on a roll don't last as long as they think plus they turn to porcupines half through. Soft my a#*e!! Pun intended. )
Went off track there... What was I going to tell you?... I started saying summat didn't I?... { making a cuppa today I found myself in the bathroom looking for the milk. Don't ask ME why, I'm just no-brain, I've no idea. Eventually found milk in usual place in the fridge in the kitchen.}
Yawn. I'm so bloody tired. Maybe if I stop this writing, do some grounding and meditation , maybe I'll fall asleep.
Maybe later I'll remember what it was I wanted to tell you.

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