Wednesday, 15 April 2015

One of those weeks

Look, I KNOW there's people out there much worse than I am. I also know I've much to be thankful for and of course I bloody well know that at least I'm alive and not six foot under. So yes! I know all that and I don't need anyone telling me!
But listen, my knowledge of those points of fact doesn't and isn't making me feel better. Freakin fibro hasn't suddenly top toed away in shame of causing me so much bother.  I'm still stuck with a spine that is spineless. The old ticker is still wonky. And the ears are still made of cloth.
Mate, my entire body hurts. No muscle is spared and the pain is ceaseless. Even my skin is on one today, the slightest touch makes it try to flee shrieking 'it burns it burns!' . IBS is conducting its orchestra of wind instruments and the occasional cymbal, not to forget its sidekick 'Ol Bloat' the water carrier who is stocking up for a drought and causing me to look like Humpty Dumpty.
Standing up hurts. Sitting down hurts. Goddess knows lying here hurts as well!
So please excuse me today for not bloody caring who has it worse, for not giving a s*#t how thankful I should be. Normal kindness and caring will be resumed tomorrow. Hopefully.


On a more calmer note, we've got the most colourful spring going on outside. Those carpets of celandines, primroses, daffs, daisies, and now bluebells are a joy to behold.  And the blossom on the trees! Beautiful. Thank you Mother Nature.

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