Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The one about best friends.

At the grand old age of 57, last year, out of the blue and without any effort from me, I met a woman who has fast become my very best friend. I've never been one for friends, the solitary that I am. I enjoy being alone but on the other hand I also enjoy a bit of company on occasion. It has to be the right company though and through the years I've never really met anyone that I felt comfortable with. Not that I cared. I had my 'baby' sister anyway and no woman on this earth could compare to that close relationship I had with her. So I thought.

Let's go back to November 2015, shops chock-a-block with people buying for Xmas and a Crone that was getting increasingly frustrated with having to keep telling people in shops that I'm so sorry but I'm deaf and didn't hear you asking me to move out of the way. Finding the local town Facebook chat group I decided to enter and put a message that described me and explaining about my deafness in the hope that some people might recognise me in town and understand my difficulties. Well come on, there's only so much eye rolling and nasty comments this Crone can take.

Only a short while after I posted that I was contacted by a lady who explained that she was deaf in one ear, had fibro and would be pleased to be in touch with me. We hit it off straight away. Sharing the same sense of humour, the same honest way of the straight talker, not to mention almost identical likes of things including animals. It wasn't long before we were chatting away ten to the dozen exchanging thoughts that we'd never have dreamed of telling anyone else. It felt like we'd known each other for years, like a reunion of two souls that had lived before.

We became like sisters. Yes I never thought of say that of anyone out of loyalty to my real baby sister, but it's the only way to describe our friendship because, you see, I adore my friend in the way I adore my sister, I want to protect her, make her laugh, help her out, go out with her doing the things I used to with my sister when I lived upcountry*. I can't imagine life without her now. She's my rock in the ways my soul mate husband can't manage. Is it a sexual thing? Absolutely not! I'd get a bit cross with people suggesting such things, can't two people have a close friendship without others labeling them gay? **

Could this be that we've both met before in a different life? Maybe she was my sister, my niece, mother, daughter previously? I've no idea. I don't bother questioning it but just take it as a meeting that was meant to be.

You're never too old to find a best friend and you're never too solitary to let that person in. The universal powers know what they're doing, it's up to you to allow them to lead you.

Blessings of the goddess to you.

* I've not lived within reach of my sister for twenty years give or take a couple (my memory ain't great) as I moved 250 miles away to come and live down in the South West. I miss her so much.
**There's nothing wrong with being gay, I've met some wonderful gay people of both sexes over the years. I just get irritated with a society that labels people without finding out. The same applies to male/female best friends. I mean what is wrong with that? Why does society immediately think they're having a sexual relationship? I've been friends with many males over the years that I've not had the slightest interest in at all, nor did they have interest in myself.

Society really does need a kick up the bum.
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