Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Early morning ramblings

What do animals dream about? It's a question that has never been answered to my satisfaction.

I've come to realise that since FMS /CFS came to live with me, I soon began to put every health blip down to that condition. Example, I get that chest pain that i simply cannot pronounce or even spell but I'll say it begins with Chondri, oh anyway I get that pain and I've become used to it. So every chest twinge I get now I shrug and say "it's OK, just fibro reminding me on its there." That attitude could be rather dangerous couldn't it?
Then again I can't keep checking BP and all, I'd become a hypochondriac. [Note to certain people, no I'm certainly and most definitely am not one already. Say that again and I'll show you that my tongue works very well!] I suppose I'll just go on doing as I do and ignore it unless it really really really hurts.😋

I awoke at 4 a.m just as I was being swallowed head first by Alice Cooper who had told me I was going to hell. Poor bloke must have terrible indigestion and bad breath because I've got a good dose of IBS and can't stop letting off. 😊

Kind of keeping to that topic, why didn't my husband laugh when I told him I'd got Donald in my gut after I'd just gifted the house with a rather obnoxious trump? No sense of humour that one.😋

My dog knows me better than I know myself. He can tell when I'm getting up to go the loo rather than getting up to sit in the living room. In the former case he doesn't move from his bed, doesn't even open one eye. Whereas in the latter case he'll immediately get up and go sit on the sofa, waiting for me to walk in with a cuppa. I've tried to trick him by putting the kettle on before I go the loo then going back to bed instead, but do you know, he bloody well knows I'm tricking him and will stay where he is in his bed. It's like living with Big Brother.

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