Tuesday, 14 February 2017

It's a hard fact to face.

Hello, good morning.

Here I am awake at three in the morning, musing about how medication can change your life. It didn't do much for TP-T did it? Such a lovely girl, always seemed down to earth, no nonsense type. Yet she got reliant on a drug or two, was she a junkie? I suppose some would say yes.

I'm a junkie too. Last week I had no pregabalin to help with my leg and spasms problem. I could hardly move. I'm not saying I went through cold turkey because I've no idea what that feels like but I was in such a bad way. My bed became my best mate as I was wracked with pain, even crying at times with limbs that wouldn't stop beating me up. That's what it feels like; my body just goes into attack mode determined to get the better of me. I needed those pills and I needed them just like a heroin addict needs their next fix but not because I wanted to get high or however you get on those hard drugs. No I needed them to function, they've become the only way my legs can move and my arms too because they suffer just as much as my knees do.

So I reckon you could call me a junkie. I'm not the only one either, I can't be. I'll bet that there are many people out there in the real world who are the same because prescription medications, be they for coping with pain, keeping your heart beating, stopping depression, diabetes, or whatever, they are still drugs. And what is the common expression for people reliant on drugs?

Yes junkie is the word.

Isn't that a hard fact that slaps you in the face!

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