Monday, 6 February 2017

Just my imagination.

You know, much like everyone else I have spoken to, 2016 wasn't my best year. It seemed to be day after day of troubles, either my own -usually health troubles for me - or my family's or my friends. In fact the whole world seemed to be in trouble. Right? Were you one of them who raised a glass on new year's eve, just as the clock struck midnight, and toasted to hell with 2016 here's to a good 2017?

But the first month of the new year wasn't exactly a good start, was it eh? Famous and not so famous people dying off, some past their prime others in their prime, while others never even glimpsed their prime. Then we have political woes in many countries, the whole world apparently poised on the brink of a world wide disaster. "Oh no, not again!" we groaned as we read the papers and watched the TV news.

I felt much the same as my health troubles increased making walking near impossible and days in pyjamas the norm. Then I had my epiphany! A bright light suddenly appeared and all was clear... No it didn't! I wish! No what happened was I got to thinking. I'm thinking "what if there really is power in collective thought?" If so, then if we all keep thinking about the horrible things that have happened over the last thirteen months and looking to the rest of the year with negativity, eventually we will make things worse all by ourselves, without any help from Trump, Putin, May, et al. Simply because we've all walked about thinking "another crap year!" Logically it follows that if we all walk around with minds firmly fixed on positive things, keeping a smile on our collective faces, then we'll have a good year. We could change the world! Imagine that! So shall we try? From today let's all firmly fix the image of our world leaders running in slow motion trying to catch butterflies in nets. Then add all our armed forces into that vision, see how dainty they are leaping in their big boots and flak jackets, determined to catch that beautiful white butterfly. Any colour butterfly will be OK, I just fancy white with dark blue ermine spots. Eventually push that image further to add every human. What a great thing we'd have done!
Except the butterfly population would be in danger. Drat, always a caterpillar in the salad isn't there! 😊

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