Sunday, 31 January 2016

Awakening thoughts

Happy Imbolc!

As a friend said to me ,"it's a long time coming " , which is true but it's here now. I think most people look forward to this time of year, Pagan or not.

I went in the back garden this afternoon, the sun was giving us a weak smile that generated no warmth but a reassurance he's still there, he's gathering strength for the coming year. The knowledge pleases my spirit. Standing there feet on the sodden, muddy grass of the lawn I became aware of the life stirring beneath me. Sending my minds eye down under the soil so I could feel the roots of grass, shrubs, trees, flowers all nudging one another. ,"eh wake up, we've got to start work. Sleepy time over let's get going on grow! " 

Of course it's not just plants and trees that have begun their wakening; insects and worms become more active, hedgehogs, weasels and the like also begin to stir their limbs into more action.  I've been watching the birds, now becoming aware that mating time is approaching. I can't help but wonder if they are eyeing one another up --

  "phwoar, I fancy my chances with that wagtail!"  A cocky Robin winks at his friend "just look at the way she's wagging! She can sure move!" His friend stops preening his wing to look with disdain and says "don't be so bloody stupid. She's way out of your reach. For the goddess sake cocky, you're a Robin! She ain't going look at you!"

Yeah I know it's all a bit silly and I really shouldn't take pleasure in anthropomorphism, but it is something I've always done. I blame Johnny Morris who I used to love watching on the TV as a kid. I remember only vaguely the programme he used to do, something about a hamster and his friend, but the one that really caught my young eye was Animal Magic. Round the zoo he went in his uniform to talk to the the various animals and it was fascinating. You can see clips of him on YouTube, you might even find the clip in which the ape says "bloody hell", in Johnny's voice of course but it caused a bit of a stir in the news I think.

Where am I? Yes, life springing forth. The honeysuckle is showing tiny buds, such a soft green, so fresh and new. All the bulbs I planted are well growing, buds bursting on the bushes... What more could anyone want!

Enjoy Imbolc, start thinking of the things you'd like to grow within yourself this year.

Blessings, 😘

Part 2

I was skimming through One Note, just idly clicking away, desperate to nod off to sleep. Barely taking in what I'm looking at, when suddenly I noticed a blog post I'd written in November. For whatever reason, I'd forgotten to publish it. It made me smile, I'm such a moaning Minnie aren't I?!  Have i always been a moaner or is it something that's crept up on me? Anyrate,I decided to publish it, seems a shame waste all those words. 😊  Here it is,
                                The Crone always manages get a moan in
 It's 4 am on a late November morning, the storm called Clodagh is kicking up a fuss outside. I know this because through our bedroom window, the dark shadowy outline of our oak tree is engaged in a macabre movement, causing me to recall the Greaser Bop that my friends and I used to do when young, free and fit. The younger offspring of said oak, self set at the side of the bedroom window (which reminds me to remind Paul it really does need lopping down before it gets bigger) mimics it's elder in a half hearted way. You know how a young toddler, barely able to walk unaided, will try to copy dancers on the tv? That's what this young oak looks like. 

Neither of them are unclad yet; russet, tawny, golden and yellow tinged leaves still hold their grip on the skinny branches and twigs. Obviously they're not into nude dancing, no not our oaks! respectable they are!
When Aurora begins to flood the sky with light, in that reluctant way she has in the cold dark months, the early risers, the feathered ones, will appear in the old oak. I'll lie here and watch their ducking and diving, their acrobatics through the branches and I'll smile as they do their morning routine.

I'm so tired. I've not slept at all yet. My legs have been performing their own weird dance that is Restless Leg Syndrome. My arms have joined in also tonight, insult to injury I reckon. "here debs, have a double portion of RLS, because after all,  having two legs spasming ten to the dozen is hardly worth noting. Lets throw in some good arm jerks as well, make a proper floor show of it."

 I am Not complaining, could be a lot worse. 😃

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