Thursday, 21 December 2017

And so we come to Yule

Happy Yule time readers.

I've been absent far too long due to personal problems I don't care to share right now, but I've not forgotten this blog of mine. It is like a tiny woodpecker at the back of my skull, tap tap don't forget the blog. Tappety tap tap, you must get writing for the blog.

Well I'll say this, it's been a right eventful year not just for me but for mine also. While I've been fighting health problems they've had their own battles to deal with. It's been a year of helping each other and ain't it grand to enter the fray knowing you're supported, that your back is covered.  2017 made me realise how much love my heart really holds and how much I care about those close to me.

Big and special thanks go to ‘my old man’ for his constant care, love, help, and watchful eye. Yes I know you get on my nerves sometimes and vice versa but I wouldn't be without you.

To my ‘wifey/systa/ bff/partner in crime’ for her stubborn refusal to walk away, for her persistent bossing me to come back to life, her love and care. She's the most genuine woman I've ever met and life would be totally boring and crap without her.

To my kids for learning about mum's illness and their steady stream of love.

To my ex for his understanding and daily checking up to see how I am.

To my gorgeous sister for keeping me up to date with family matters. I miss you so much, duck, I really do.

For my stunningly beautiful niece who has given me my equally achingly gorgeous first great-niece. What an adorable pair they make. Just know your old aunt loves you both so very much.

Without these people I'm really not sure where I'd be now, certainly not in the happy state I am in!

Finally a call out to readers of this blog. Your personal comments have not been ignored, they've kept me going through the darkest times. Apologies for the huge gaps in posts, I'm hopeful for a more productive year to come.

For everyone I give the heartiest blessings of peace, love and happiness.

Many blessings at Yule.

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