Monday, 26 October 2015

What can I say?

I've got my son staying until Friday, that's my youngest one. He's 30 in a couple of months but still mum's lad. It's strange really how I never really see our kids as truly grown up. It's that baby snapshot burnt into the very fabric of my brain and heart. It's the smell of a newly washed infant head on my chest as he drifts off to sleep. It's the feel of a little chubby hand holding into mine. It's the memory of those big big eyes, snub nose and brilliant white baby teeth showing as they smile.
Now my eyes tell me that big strapping bloke sitting on my chair is fully grown up, or that other bloke in the wedding photo with the gorgeous bride, is another fully grown adult with a home and life of his own. I know all that and what's more I'm glad they've developed into men, I'm proud as punch of them both.
But I can also see the little lad with the curly hair asleep in his chocolate pudding,dimpled legs dangling from his high chair. Even when the other, my eldest by the way, was pledging his troth at the altar three years ago, my mind went back to the toddler who loved the "Early Werly Shop" and proceeded to drive the staff nuts by playing with everything he could lay podgy fingers on. (To be fair the Early Learning Shop did encourage kids to play, but hyperactive 2 year olds go berserk in a room full of toys!)
No matter how old they get, how successful they may be, how independent they are these two men will always be my little lads. The best things my body has ever done. The greatest gift I've ever been given. I am very lucky indeed.
What can I say? I just love my children. So be it.

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