Monday, 15 December 2014

Occurrences occurred.

It's been a while.
Things have either been happening within a whirlwind, or not happening in that very boring, 'stuck in bed unable to do much' way. The latter days I've simply not been up to threading a sentence together, which is annoying as writing on here would be the best past-time.

A few things have occurred.
It's become obvious that my new meds have the side effect of clinging to all food that enters my body and turning it into fat! Not ideal. Not ideal at all. I'm not saying I've become obese, I'm a long way off that, but I'm noticeably carrying a spare tyre. And not a bicycle sized one either! More of the Ford Fiesta size. Like many other physically disabled people, I'm in a catch 22 situation - exercising is difficult, even walking is hard or impossible on many days, so I rely on trying not to eat very much. Without exercise no matter how little I eat, I'll put weight on. But extra weight is really bad for me, my joints and spine suffer and of course, my old broken ticker will struggle to cope.
I read that Devon NHS has said it will refuse to treat overweight people*. It's so easy for them in charge to make such announcements thinking they're helping by scaring people into dieting, they don't seem to understand the problems of the disabled who can find it one frustrating issue.



Another occurrence
 the new addition to the family has finally arrived; J'Max my new yellow Nissan Juke Tekna. Crammed full of the latest gadget
ry including monitored tyre pressures, voice control, cameras, reversing assistant, and heck knows what else. By next Yule I might just know half of what the buttons, knobs and switches actually do but right now I'm using the instruction manual. Nicest thing is the heated leather seats, a real help for my spinal problem. And did I say it's all in yellow? Yes, yellow. A massive event for one who always chooses black or grey, isn't it? I fancied a change.


Couple more occurrences that are worth mentioning.
My youngest son had his 29th birthday at the beginning of December. I managed to make him a cake, a chocolate Bundt cake. Sadly I forgot to take a photo so you'll just have to take my word for it, it was very nice, both in looks and taste /texture, even though I say it myself! I was relieved tbh as it's simply ages since I've been OK enough to bake.

Finally, my eldest son has been very poorly. I don't want to discuss it without his knowledge as he's a very private person, but he has finally been diagnosed with diverticulitis, something I know little about as it's something I don't have! Oh my! Something I don't have. How good to see and speak that sentence! Lol. Seriously, I've never seen him in so much pain, what a nasty condition it is. Thankfully the antibiotics have worked their magic and he's on the mend from the infection but has to alter his diet, which will help keep the condition in check.
If any of the five reading this suffers from diverticulitis and has tips and advice to give, I'd be grateful so that I can tell son.

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