Friday, 19 December 2014

Creating Yule blessings.

Remember I've told you about the android apps I have on my Nexus, the arty ones? I decided to use those to do the 'special' Yule time greeting cards this year. I usually do these few special* cards in watercolour or maybe acrylic but I've just not been up to sitting up for that long, ergo those apps were a boon! To get them printed, despite my having a very good printer I had no card stock (not very well organised this year)  I turned to the funky bird, who made a real good job as they always do. I use them often, in fact I have their app which makes it all very easy and quick.

Now that the recipients have got them in hand I thought you might like to have a look yourselves....

* Special people get special cards, although this year I ran out of time before I ran out of special people. Apologies to my sons and my sister and a few others!  But I hasten to say that if you got a shop bought card you are no less special, indeed not!  If you weren't special to me, you'd not get a card at all. I don't believe in being two faced like that. I mean why would I go to the trouble and expense to send a card to someone I never see or speak to or even email during the year? I'm hardly wanting to wish then blessings at Yule am I? <emphatic nod of head>

I have to apologise for grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm making no excuses, just apologising.

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