Monday, 6 July 2015

Fibro & Me. A nonsense ditty.

Oh I have got fibro
But fibro don't got me,
It tries it's best
Won't give me rest,
I'd love to be pain free.

Yeah I've got the fibro
And I am always sore.
This stupid ache,
For heaven's sake,
Coming back for more.

I wake up in the morning
Count my problems one by one.
Can I move? Now what pains?
Fibro fog? Oh not again!
I'm Always hoping fibros gone.

But, I've still got the fibro
Looks like fibro still got me.
So it's all grin and bear
Don't touch me there !
Cos I'm not fibro free!!

Gwearbennen © Hedgerow Art 2015

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