Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Witch's Garden on Litha

Since I've returned home to the loving care of my husband and our animal family, one of my delights has been pottering about in the garden on the days I've been released from the binds of  fibromyalgia and my spinal disease. 

It's not been easy, certainly not been often, but bit by bit I'm getting our part of Mother Earth just how we want it. So far I've been rewarded by visiting hedgehogs (rather large ones too), numerous bees of different varieties, ditto butterflies, not to forget the ladybirds and other insects. Oh and even a damselfly! I was overjoyed when i saw frogs have moved into the little pond and hope they stick around.  

These  photos show what she looks like on this day of Litha. I think she's gorgeous, but can't wait to put final touches. 

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